Why is he treating me like this?

He is the one who ended the relationship a few months ago but he kept in contact with me. i haven't spoken to him since 8/20 and he said he loved me and missed me. He went to a rock concert on the 26. But I haven't heard from since the 20th. I texted him in the afternoon on the 20th and he never replied. I was feeling very sad today and missed him so I texted him and he never replied so this is definitely the last time I'm ever going to contact.

I dont understand why why he is acting like this because just 2 weeks ago he was telling me how much he missed me and wanted me, it's so heartbreaking. Did this concert change him? The last thing he said to me was "I love u" it makes me so sad 😭


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  • Yes, it's possible, he has had a change of something, could be his heart or mind. Surely he is trying to figure things out (on his own). I suppose that's the reason he hasn't contacted you for so long, but even then it doesn't mean he has completely forgotten about you, I mean if he really loved you as you say it's not possible for him to forget you in just two weeks, if he could then he never loved you in the first place. Hence just wait a little and see what happens, wait for 2 more weeks if you can and if it continues like this then it's clear that he isn't thinking about you anymore.

    • thanks for helping me with my question, I'm just so sad because he can't even tell me anything. I would feel a little better even if he told me to leave him alone but he just chooses to ignore me 😔

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  • Take the hint and stop! You're making a fool out of yourself.


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  • I broke up with my ex girlfriend. Bad move. I've tried everything to get her back. My point is, is that if he really wanted you back then he would reply to you and be there like a shoot. I know I would if my ex text me


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