Why does he flirt with me? Other woman?

I like the new guy Rob at work (I dont think he likes me) we have been talking. He forget everything I tell him. One time he aksed me what time I get off work 3 times in a day. My coworker knows I like him so he went up to him one day and asked him about me. He said "She pretty, I been notcing her she's cute" So my coworker said "Shes single, pretty, smart and hardworking"(my coworker did all this without me knowing, I didn't tell him to do this)

My coworker comes back and says" Whats taking so long something should have happened by now, no date , y'all not together yet?"

So when they got done talking Rob comes over we talk and he gives me his number. We talk for a bit outside of work and thats it. I catch him looking at me at work and he keeps looking at me. He said "Your lips look so moisturized, I feel like mine are chapped" Today he said "You look nice" one day as he was walking away he said " Your so pretty" All he does is flirt with me but it goes nowhere.

I texted him last night asking him to hangout and he never texted me back. I dont know what happened (he lost his phone or didn't wanna hangout) I never asked him about it. He can think Im pretty all he wants but until he does something about it Im doing nothing. I tried. When I text him we talk for a little the conversation dies. People at work ask me "Is there something going on" "Yall together" I said"I know as much as you know"

We had lunch together and he asked me to hit him up on Saturday after work so we could hangout. I never hit him up because I was sick, and had too much work for school to do PLUS he didn't bother to contact me to see where I was at.


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  • To start off with, dating someone you work with always brings complications with it. You guys don't seem to have many sparks from what you say, to be honest, and you both seem a bit cold to each other. I would suggest letting him be, and if he makes the effort to making something happen then great but right now it tells me he's interested, apologies.


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