Why would my ex show up to a bar he knows I go to all the time and leave ten minutes after?

He did this twice. The first instance we didn't speak and he left after him and his friend made their rounds saw me and left. The second time he stood right infront of me and my friends. After not talking for 3 weeks (the last time we spoke was when we broke up) we spoke that night. At first he was nice but then he became mean and I got emotional. Cried a little. I then texted him I wanted my stuff back and he texted me "Don't worry (insert the nickname he called me during our relationship) I'll give it back." Why would he text me this way? And why would he show up knowing I go to this bar all the time if he doesn't want to talk to me or be with me. We were together for a year and a half and broke up after a huge fight. (he said to me in that bar again he doesn't want to be with me he wants to be single) so why did he come? Both times he stayed for ten minutes and then left.


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  • I think a part of him does care about you.
    He's not willing to admit it though.
    I guarantee if you showed up to that bar with another guy,
    He'd be jealous.
    He's operating in a childish way.


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  • he wants to check up on you.


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