How could I make my Ex boyfriend wish he never broke up with me?


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  • Awwww. you still too young for love darling. love is not a game or joke , or something that you say to make your friends jealous. anyways , when he talks to you don't respond. or just says few words , if he told you he missed you , he wants you back


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  • You need to make him feel terrible for breaking up with you. He should feel like a dumbass for letting you go. This requires you to make some radical changes in your life. Stop and give at least 30 seconds of thought to each of the questions below. Answer honestly; Say it out loud to yourself.

    - What is it that he did not like about your relationship?
    - What is it that went wrong in your relationship?
    - What did you love most?

    Think about these questions. Don’t be too critical of either him or yourself. All this emotional bullshit, arguing and blaming each other for crap is one of the reasons you might have broken up in the first place.

    We rarely know what we have until we lose it.

    Good luck.


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  • become a pop star or president..


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  • The best thing to do that, is to focus on yourself and join a new hobby. Focus on your happiness and he'll eventually regret breaking up with you. And by the time that happens, you'll have found someone way better than your ex boyfriend.

  • You cannot control someones mind process.

    Sure, you can be sweet.
    You can buy them gifts.
    You can be affection.
    You can be all of the things a great girlfriend would have been but only as a friend.
    But the fact of the matter is,
    If he's over you doesn't will change his thought process.

    I know it hurts.
    But you have to accept what has become and move forward.
    With time you will get over the hurt of your breakup.


  • Your 13, you don't need a boyfriend. Seriously focus on school and doing things with friends that are a little more age appropriate.


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