Is my boyfriend cheating?

so I'm in a ldr and I think my boyfriend is cheating.

yesterday was new years eve and he went to party. he barely talked to me that day and it made me sad. I texted him happy new year and he didn't even say anything back. I understand that he was partying. but so was i. and I still took the time to say it to him.

i asked him if he hooked up with anyone and he said no. but I need to talk to you when I get off work. and I'm like oh great. about what? and he's like its not bad but you might get mad but if you do it would be for a dumb reason and I'm like OK. he got off work at 5 and he never told me. so I texted him at 530 and I was like so are you going to tell me? and he's like tell you what and I'm like um I don't know whatever you needed to talk to me about and he's like I don't know what you're talking about and I'm like um ok you must have gotten me and your other girlfriend mixed up. and he's like shut up I hate when you say that. and I'm like sorry but you told me you needed to talk to me. so he called me and was like OK you can't get mad and I'm like mhmm. he's like all my clothes where on when I woke up this morning, but when I woke up there was a girl next to me. my heart just f***ing sank and I was crying. and he's like do you trust me. and I'm like um no. and he's like OK bye. and I hung up. I texted him and I'm like thanks. he's like she's my good friend. and I'm like OK good go be with her. and he never texted me back. he's like I was sleeping when she got there and she's my best friend she was there because she didn't wanna get f***ed with. he would have gotten so mad at me if I told him that I woke up next to a guy after a night of partying and I know he would have broken up with me. but its OK for him to do that?

great excuse huh? so I'm mad at him and he hasn't texted me back in like 3 hours. and I've texted him like 5 times. I don't know what to do. do you think he's cheating on me?

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  • I don't have opinion of whether he was cheating on you or not

    But I have just been a LDR and I kept making excuses for when the guy wouldn't contact me, and his 'broken phone' and texting him even when he wouldn't reply, I really regret it, it made me feel so desperate. It is such a waste of time to be in a LDR when the guy is not there for you completely. Eventually I found out that he had been lying to me about many things, and it destroyed whatever good feelings I had about him and makes me wonder if perhaps he had a real girflriend or something. It has made me untrustworthy of guys since.

    LDRs with a non-committed guy is such an emotional drain, I think it is better to be single. I didn't even realise what a drain it was till it was over and I realised how much time I had spent confused or watching my phone to see if he had finally got round to texting me.

    If your worried he's cheating on you it suggests you are not feeling safe in the relationship. I think you should stop texting him, you'll regret it later if you don't.


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  • Ya

  • just end're too young to be having to deal with some LDR crap. you can find a boy that won't do all that sh*t to you that's more local


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  • bottom line is, do you trust him? if you do, then you need to stop accusing him of being unfaithful, you'll just push him away. you can't see each other, so all you have are your conversations, and you won't have those anymore if he is too afraid to talk to you because he knows he'll get yelled at. my honest opinion is if he was cheating I don't think he would have told you what he did. I think you should let this go, don't simply be mad at him, because you feel if roles were reversed he would be mad at you. it's a waste of time.

    • Im just really insecure. I don't trust anyone. its really hard too. I know he lies to me. I never yell at him. I always get broken up by him for the dumbest things. and I just called him on private and he answered and he was around people. he told me he wasn't going out. and he hasn't texted me back. I don't know waht to do. he tells me to stop saying that he has other girls and stuff but he gives me reasons to think he is.i talk to him but he doesn't change. what do I do?!?!

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    • Have you heard from him yet?

    • Yesss.

  • I understand that you're insecure. I have a male best friend that we are so close people think we are together, but his girlfriend trusts both me and him. If you trust them both and know the personality of both than you have nothing to worry about. No relationship is perfect, but how it is defined is how you handle the problems you have. Your boyfriend could be more upfront and you need to learn to just to trust him a little more. If you both love each other and this relationship is meant to be than you will work through this. If it isn't than you will find the person you are meant to be with and have the cliche happily ever after. It'll come. Good Luck!


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