Guys, Weird reason for breakup?

What does it *really* mean when a guy's reason for breaking up is to "figure his life/himself out" and also says he doesn't want to date other girls either?
Do guys actually break up with girls for this reason, or is it just an easy letdown because he doesn't want to give the real reason?


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  • He's young yes? If he is around 21 or younger, simply he probably just has no idea what he wants, like we all do at that age.
    Guys generally don't do the easy let down, we're pretty direct

    • He's actually closer to 30. I can see how he may have been telling the truth because he talked about how he's still in college at this age, maybe he feels like he's behind on life?

    • 30, Maybe its a case of he is getting into his 30's and has to sort his life out

  • Think about it hard enough, this might me a serious reason, maybe being in a relationship is getting in the way with trying to get stable in life... such as work or school. He might not have time to be with anyone. On the flip side it could be just a excuse.


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