My ex states he is still into me but wants to be friends and he is hanging out with his ex?

I just broke up with my guy due to me constantly texting him and because he always had problems setting times to hang out with me. I been with him for a year while he was with his ex for 4 years during high school. While we were dating, he did hang out with her a bit and he assured me they were just friends. But now, his ex just enrolled in the same college we both go to and she has been in his apartment nonstop and stay late till 9pm. Last night she stayed for 12:30am for the first time. The only reason I know this is because his friend told me since he is my best friend too. He tells me he hasn't seen anything strange going on but he warned me they have a history of having a strange relationship. This is hard to take in at the moment mostly cause when he was telling me he decided not to have a relationship anymore at the time, he told me that he still thinks I am special and that there is no other girl in his life. quote "there is -no other- girl". That's why he said he still wants us to be friends. But now that he is hanging out with his ex, I am questioning everything and its driving me insane. I still hung up on him and I want a second chance. My friends tell me to move on and tell me to forget about him and/or give him time to think about what he really wants and give him space. But how can I give him space and forget him while his ex is constantly with him. I still see him since I have a class with him Tuesdays and Thursdays and he still talks to me cause he want to have a friendship with me and every once in a while he texts me. I am so lost, guys what should I do?
Also next week is his birthday so I still want to say happy birthday as a good friend but how should I do it? The other option is not saying happy birthday at all.
I am tried of people tell me about him and how his ex just enrolled so I went to my friend cause I didn't know where to go. However I never found my friend. Instead, I notice him trying to catch up with me to say good bye and wave. When I was about to leave campus I notice him walking to class so I offer him a lift. I drop him off and he was impressed how I went the extra mile and I said wow you forgot I go the extra mile for you. His reaction was sit in the chair and smile big. Did I do good?


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  • he just wants to keep you hanging.

    • Exactly she's leading you on.

    • @andy020892 leading me on to what! To go insane to end any relationship we have together?

    • I guess. I assume he just wants both his ex and me to be there in his life.

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