Why do some men choose to take the hard road?

Me and a guy I have been friends with for several years decided to as I thought see on another. Kinda started out as a secret thing kept quiet, then he wanted to act like/ say it was only a sexual benefit relationship. Wtf? We have been friends threw some rough times. He's had a hard time after a recent break up with a woman that treated him horribly and used him to get everything out of him ( from what he said). As far as I can tell, its hard to trust anything he says now, everyone has been having trouble trusting him after all this. But I treat him well and take care of him. He just has such a horrible outlook on a relationship thanks to this. How can one women change someone so much. He is a broken shell of what he used to be. I hurts me cause I want to fix my friend. But it seems like any piece of trash he can hit on he will. I just upsets me so, he's going to make the same mistake again, and has just broken me in the process. He sickens me with these women he wants when he could have a good, loving women by his side. Just don't know what to do? I'm not a person to have relations with just every guy i met, this has been a friend, I care about him and his family. I care for his happiness. Just don't know?


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  • Sounds tough. I'm sorry you're experiencing that.

    I'm reminded of something I read once from the writer Joyce Carol Oates: "There are those who don't cherish us as we'd cherished them, and had wished to be cherished by them."

    At least you found out sooner rather than later. It sucks, I know. Take care of yourself and do not look back. Good luck. :)

    • Thank you its very nice to read something inspirational. Really does help to have a outside person give advice. Thanks again.

    • Two more things I wish I had said. Number one, Love does not hate you. :) And number two, rather than saying don't look back, I should have said don't look back in anger.

      Later gator.

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