How will I ever get over him?

My ex broke up with me almost 6 months ago and strung me along almost the entire time except for a month that we didn't talk but he always told me he wanted me and loves and cares about me. Then he stopped talking to me 2 weeks ago and I tried texting him once to ask how he is doing but he won't reply so I've decided to Leave him alone.

But it I still love and miss him very much, and I feel very emotional and depressed because the last thing he texted me 2 weeks ago was "I love you." My heart is just broken all over again, it sucks because the last conversation I had with him was good and now he is acting like this 😭


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  • well if he stopped talking to you for 2 weeks, its a sign of cheating.. you have to be strong and let him go. if he didn't cheat you need ask him for an explanation, if he gave you a good one, then why not welcome him with open arms? but if he didn't, you have to get him out of your life. dont let him toy with your emotions. dont let anyone do that to you.. you'll find someone better, there is always someone better..


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