Should I move on or stay?

Honestly I'm going to be real well I got an ex that I lasted for four months, & well I love him … I know some people may say , " you're not" but I really am , and it was a pretty dumb reason for him too brake up with me just because I didn't text him back when really I was just helping my dad & it was 2 hours later I came back home & texted him & he just said I got sides meaning I got side niggas ( I honestly didn't wanted too say that but I wanted you guys too get the point) anyways yeah & I told him no I don't got none , & he said we should be over & I said alright bye its over & he said fasho now go talk to those guys.. When we broke up , OMG I was crying like he was my first love , & still is , idkk why I got so attached , like we never did anything we never had sex nothing but making out lol , & what got me was that he asked me out in person.. 102114 ... & after we broke up he got with another female.. That's how I kinda knew he was cheating you know? , & when I found out, I cried again.. After 2 months I was good but still remember you know? & I got better at my job & just getting money , & he texted me on April ( he always kissed ass 😂 idek why I tripped about him ) anyways yeah we just had a normal convo then he asked me I heard you ain't a virgin no more & I told him na I still am lol & then he said Oh I heard you gaved head & I replied yup sure did why wassup? ( I wanted too see what he will say, & I wanted too get him mad 😏) & he goes oh that's wassup bye delete my # & my last reply was are you mad because I didn't suck you up? you cheated on me , lied too me & I still stuck by your side like my mama told me before she past away guys like that don't deserve you & then that's when he never replied too me.. Some of you guys might think I was immature but really I was mad ! I couldn't hold it anymore, I had too let it go ! & here's the details we lasted 4 months/ never had sex , we were about too / kinda long distance cuz we didn't see eachother as much/ he always argued / he wanted a baby 😭💖 but he broke up with me ! / he said he loved me & was sprung but left & I never left smh.. / loved him more than anything & still do never proved it cuz nobody proved me/ i love him soo much bruu like I don't know


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  • you should move on.


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