Girls, would it hurt you if you were told this?

I broke up with my girlfriend a few weeks back. She sent me a picture of a manga drawing of us representing a memory of when I fell asleep on her from the first time we met. (We met over facebook and are friends with the same people). I was sat up and started drowsing off on her shoulder, she tried to lay me down gently but she ended up laying down with me as I had my arm around her... this memory took place at our friend's house party, She said she doesn't quite know why but the memory was close to the heart for her and would say that was what made her start falling for me.

I didn't quite know how to react to the picture and text so I didn't respond until next day, I didn't want to compliment the drawing and I also don't want her thinking of a chance for us to get back together. So I told her that "we were only friends with benefits and nothing more".
We weren't, I was in it for more than just sex... I just said it for the sake of killing her hopes but I think I may have been too harsh as her friend has told me she won't talk to anyone. She won't even respond to me. Was I wrong in degrading what had to an fwb?


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  • Yeah that wasn't a good idea. Now she probably feels like you never cared for her in any way. Which would hurt more than just saying you don't feel the same way about them anymore.

    • That's what her friend has said. She said it hurt because it was me denying the relationship that comes across as me regretting ever being with her. I guess that's understandable but I don't regret the relationship, I just wish she could just let it go.

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    • I would if she ever replies back. I have texted her for 3 days and no response.

    • Just leave her a message apologizing and then leave it at that. At least you tried to set things right.

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