Will he ever come back?

OK we been together for like 2-3 years. we were actually courting. ( a pure relationship). we was planning on getting married and stuff. lately for the pass 2 months he been acting different. I know he really loves me but man. I just couldn't take it no more. by the way we are each other first true love. but anyways 3 days ago I said " we both have flaws we either meet each other in the middle or 2010 we won't be together". he said meeting in the middle won't happened for us. he feels unwanted.he said. so we decided to break up. I asked for my promise ring back he said no. his brother said he still wearing it. but my ex is the type that will never say sorry first. he deals with a lot of pride. but will he ever come back? should I call when ? what should I say? I miss him . I can't function with him. please help!


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  • my boyfriend and I have a serious relationship like that as well, we have broken up and he is just like that he won't come say sorry first even if he is. All my friends say "make him work" "dont give in" "he should be sorry let him say it" but in all reality, I was sorry to, and I wasn't going to act like that cause its real love not some petty middle school relationship where you pout till the other person brings your roses, I said sorry to my boyfriend cause I am so attached that without him I don't even want to wake up in the morning. My advice to you is to text him, (that way he can feel less restricted and will say more cause he won't have to hear himself say it) tell him your sorry and EXACTLY why. Tell him what has been bothering you and how you both can slowly work on it to fix it cause you honestly can't function without him and you want you both to be happy with eachother. Doing this has helped my relationship so much, my boyfriend opens up to me more and actually has done the changes I needed and I did the changes he needed, in my opinion don't let people tell you what's wrong and right, love them for their flaws but doesn't mean changing some will dampen the true love.


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