Would you wait till after college to date your ex?

Well my ex girlfriend and I broke up last Monday after a 5months and she said that we can date after we finished college but that is a long way to go. But we still have a lot of feelings for each other and act like we are still dating. she wanted to date someone last semester and that is how we dated, but then she decides to say that we shouldn't date because of school. But if that was the case then why date in the first place because we had a good relationship and didn't get into many arguments. So in the end should I move on or continue to wait and chase after her due to us having feelings?
I forgot to mention that I also wanted to date too. We are so similar in what we like. Plus I am her first boyfriend and she is my first girlfriend.


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  • move on. she doesn't sound like she appreciates you properly as she just went out with you because 'she wanted to go out with someone' just move on and stop chasing her


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  • She's giving you a lame excuse; if you were the right guy for her, the fact that she's in school wouldn't matter at all. I would move on if I were in your situation.


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  • Move on and you will someone better, just give it time.


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