When guys I've dated ask me why I'm no longer interested, I tell them honestly. Why do they accuse me of thinking I'm above others?

I put up with some bs from this most recent guy because it was fantastic in bed... Of course along the way, I told him when he'd done something to hurt my feelings... But I'm not a drama chick and we've never once had a knock down drag out fight. But last week, he pulled a deal breaker that really offended me. He promised to be my date for my half-brother's surprise birthday party. My Step-mom and half sister tend to give me the cold shoulder... so I really didn't want to go by myself. He was aware of this and has also known my half-brother and sister for 10+ years... Which was even more hurtful. I didn't respond to his calls after this incident. When he asked me what had happed, I wrote him a direct email explaining that I was done and why:
subject-actions speak louder than words
-Serioius deal breaker/ dick move not to make ANY effor to come to my brother's birthday.
-It's been made it extremely clear this past year that I'm at the rock bottom of your priorities.
-You've have NEVER ONCE been there when I've needed you. NOT ONCE
-I did everything I could to get you out of jail ( he got a DUI and I'd told him we should take an uber that night) while your friends did NOTHING, yet you have always put them before me
-You allow jealous/catty girls to mistreat me regularly
-You make unbelievably disrespectuful sexual remarks (right in front of me) about other women and try to force me accept your low class behavior by jeering at me to 'lighten up'.
-You're so self-absorbed and immeshed with your family that you'll never be able to make a woman happy or make her and/or any future family of your own... a priority.
-You've taken me completely for granted and were extremely foolish to do so
-I can honestly say (with complete & utter confidence) that you'll regret the way you've treated me for the rest of your life
He responded with: 'You treat me the same way.' I assure you that's not true. 'you think you're above others' why? 'my only regret is being involved with you'... Why? I've been really good to him?


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  • It's probably something you don't see about yourself. You should have asked him why he thinks you're above others.

    The thing here is... if most of the other guys are saying the same thing about you then are you sure it's them?

    • I did ask him and the few others to tell me right away why they say this and to please give me examples of such behavior because I do not want to come across this way and they don't answer me.

    • thank you for telling me about the jester guy that was mean lol

    • lol yeah... he's trollish... I don't like when people just throw out retarded stuff like that without explanation, and that goes for the guys you were dating too.

      Obviously you were trying to better yourself but these guys won't let you. So I dunno, honestly, they probably just made it up because they always felt, deep inside, that they didn't deserve you. When you broke up with them they felt validated, understand?

      Or maybe these guys just weren't intelligent enough to provide you with a cogent response lmao

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  • He is trying to make you feel guilty. You did nothing wrong, and helped him as much as you could with what you were given. You should just stay away from him, he isn't worth it.


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  • Guys do this too keep the girl from breaking up. Hell, im guilty of this too. Even when the girl was really cool and never did anything to warrent out bs, but he is telling you all that stuff to make you feel guilty. But dont, move on to another guy. Sorry about you losing a guy who is good in bed lol, that might be hard to find again.

    • Haha, I think my sex life will eventually recover. Thanks so much for your honesty and input. It made me feel a lot better.

  • maybe it is your fault for dating him and expecting something better than that


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