Is this normal. ?

I was with a guy for 3 and a half years, the relationship was amazing and he was amazing to me during, it went wrong and at the end of the break up he was so devastatingly cruel to me. Recently I have met a new guy, who its early days but I like, the problem I have is that I worry this new guy won't ever do or love me in the way my ex did (nothing to do with still wanting my ex, I dont just in how good he was to me and my son, who wasn't his son), i don't know if this is even a normal thought? But it's something that really bothers me..
Any thoughts? ..


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  • Yes, it's normal. You're insecure about this new guy. Start to get to know him better and probably you won't fear it anymore with the time.


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  • You always will think no one will love you more than your ex, till you're put in the situation and let things unfold for themselves, you can't keep guarding yourself off from people who potentially can love you even more all though its hard to believe, it's obviously possible! You have to find your happiness, and see where things go x


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