How do I forget about my ex?

Me and my girlfriend broke up a week ago and i thought I was doing fine becuase I was happy and hanging out with my friends and trying my best to keep me active and not think about her. But recently everything is reminding me of her. I had a dream about her and us playing soccer together. Also, this morning during class people were reading their essays out loud and I wasn't paying attention until they said "I love you to the moon and back", which is what my girlfriend told me. Now I'm struggling and its getting harder and harder. I find myself thinking about whats she's doing right now becuase she has the same schedule everyday. Any advice on how to get her out of my head and forgeting about her?


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  • Have you Both Considered Being friends?
    Just because two people BreakUp doesn't mean they can't ans don't MakeUp and that it's Good-bye, my love, forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks an X in your own softie spot, @je215161, it has Only been a week so naturally you are Weak and you have found out Now That... I had a dream about her.
    You are Missing the Kissing and the history you both shared. After the free fall has worn off and you are back on the ground with a reality check of the Ex chick, all memories of the "Way we were" comes to mind, leaving you day dreaming down this love line.
    If you are in this situation where you are Not going to be friends till the end or there isn't any way today of getting back with her as two birds of a feather, it Will be hard at Fist and at 'First' glance every chance your eyes meet. However, with time, busy life styles and just blending and mending, time does heal all wounds.
    For now, be strong, Stay focused on other things in school and mix with your other friends so you can Adapt to the Single life now.

    Good luck. xx

    • This was our second break up in 3 weeks. When we broke up we agreed to be friends, but I don't think were even friends anymore. She has been avoiding me and ignoring me for the past couple days. She told me that she is moving on. Yeah I do miss her in everyway possible but its hard to focus when everything reminds you of her. I'm trying my best for my mind not to be on her by hanging out with my friends and focusing on school, but everything is reminding me of her. Like the day before we broke up I took her to the place I was going to college and walked around campus with her and she made me a blanket for college so that reminds me of her too. I just don't know how I can keep my mind off of her

    • Bear in mind that no matter how hard you both may try, it would be Threee Strikes and Out with the Third time... That alone sometimes you strong, knowing that you would continue to go through it over and over again, your heart never fully healing.
      Keep busy, try and avoid her. It seemed you started out good in the beginning but then as you found out... Memory lane.
      It's not going to be easy but don't go back and forth with her to try again. Nothing will change and for now, friends is too fresh to even try as you see, just try and avoid her as Much as you possibly can and maybe too find a female friend to chat with that sometimes helps. xx

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  • You've had a massive mental blow. Of course it is natural to feel the way you do. I've been split from my ex for 2 months now. I still think about her, not a lot now but it is much easier to handle now. I'm doing a lot better than those early days of the breakup. It will get easier. Take each day as it comes. 1 day at a time. Get through it and it's another victory for you. I know that right now you feel that you need a connection with her even as a friend. Truth is. Its impossible for now. Best advice I can give is give yourself a month of no contact so you can work on yourself.

    • That was my plan. To wait a month to try to contact her because right now she wants nothing to do with me. So I was gonna let her settle down and then try to contact her.

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  • You kind of just have to roll with it for now. You're allowed to be sad and to miss her. You cares about each other (if you didn't, you wouldn't have been in a relationship).

    It's been about nine months since my ex broke up with me and I still have a tough time every now and again.

  • The best thing to do is to keep yourself busy, spend time with friends, get a new hobby. Also, cry if you need to. It can make you feel better. Time will eventually make everything easier.


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  • There is no quick fix, except getting back together. However, in time you will move on. And certainly keeping busy is the right mind set but to truly move on its not going to take a week.

    It's gonna suck, it's gonna hurt, and it may feel like your life is over. But in time you'll realize it from your heart and your brain that there is someone better than her. And there will be someone who will like you for you and will treat you better than her. Trust me, I was there not too long ago.

    And its going to hurt more if you see her with someone else– but the best thing you can do for yourself is get yourself out there and start talking to girls. Have that testosterone and pheromones pumping again.

    You may realize in a month you aren't going to want to contact her. Honestly 2 months can be better. She won't forget about you because you've both obviously made a place for each other in both of your hearts. Considering your broke up twice... well she drew the line and I don't know details but you both need to work on yourselves.

    But whatever you do, don't let yourself down. Don't droop your head and look sad. Keep your head up, stay confident, stand tall, and just force a smile on your space. Those are key characteristics.


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