Moving on?

What is a reasonable (through experience, romantic comedy viewings, or logic) amount of time to recover from a break up in a relationship that lasted nine months?

Furthermore, a relationship that lasted nine months, but somewhat ended after seven?

Recover: To begin dating a new, amazing man who has opened your eyes to how poorly you were treated before.


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  • There is no "reasonable" amount of time. However long it takes you to get over a relationship is how long it takes you. Everyone is different in this regard.

    I would suggest that you get all of your crying out and just live for you for a while (Go out with your girlfriends, go to mall, beach, etc.) before jumping back into a relationship. You don't want to make someone a rebound.

    Just have fun being single for a while and give yourself time.


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  • The time it takes for you to recover from a relationship is the same time it takes for you to:

    No longer blame yourself for the ending of the relationship

    No longer stay up at night justifying the actions of your ex that hurt you

    Realize that your ex wasn't really all that and was damaging in someway to your life

  • The reasonable amount of time is immediately. You should ideally move on the day after or the day of your break up. Providing you can emotionally, mentally, and maturely do it.

    And this new amazing man will probably treat you poorly too, because otherwise you probably wouldn't have been attracted to him in the first place.

  • However long it takes...


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  • it depends on how serious it was and how attached you were to him and how much you (truly) loved him.. it took me almost 4 years to get over my first true love lol .. to get over the break up actually not over him (u never 4get ur first true love).

    anyway I hope it takes you less than that ! :) lol


  • The amount of time it takes depends on many things:

    How close were you two before the relationship?

    How close did you two get during the relationship?

    What was the reasoning for the breakup?


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