My ex is threatening to cause problems for me, what do I do?

So a couple years ago I dated a guy for a year, it was a messy break up. Then about 3 weeks ago we hung out few times but when I told him we couldn't go any further sexually at the moment he never replied, so I blocked his number so that I never had to deal with him again. I forgot to block him on kik messenger and he messaged and is pretty much harassing me and threatening me saying he's going to cause problems for me and I asked why and he said for fun.. I don't know what to do I'm in tears and just feel so hopeless and scared for what he might do.


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  • NO Contact Should End the Madness and the Misery with this Sore loser here, dear.
    Overlook all of the blah, blah and Blah Again. He is just a bag of wind and will say Anything because he cannot accept a No win.
    Unless he is stalking you and Threatening your life with Strife, forget him and move on and Relax.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Do not let him intimidate you. Most persons who say this are all talk and no act. But if he does act negatively, contact the police and get a restraining order against him. Show him that you are not afraid to act as well. Also keep the messages in which he threatened you so you can use them as proof, if it is needed.

  • what problems can he realistically cause for you?

    • He works out ways to mess with my life, he's doe it before

    • he has done*

    • said like a true young person... on the grand scheme of things you have your whole life ahead of you. a life you can start over 3 or 4 times before you hit my age and have to worry! I have started fresh 3 times... 1 was because of a nasty ex who lived in my hometown and was spreading things, I then let him tell his lies and didn't bother fighting it (as his lies were his own poison and without someone to poison it cannot kill) nobody remembers this now... nobody.

      Its sad he feels like nothing so has to make himself something by belittling you...

      Most people are all talk... let him do what he thinks he can, he is obviously lonely and you were his only hope of any attention... dont be fooled by him xx

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