Could my ex be getting into a rebound relationship?

He ended 3 years between us because of a 2 hour train journey ride and also that he didn't feel 100% in the relationship.

I think he likes this girl in his area. I'm pretty certain she's the lead singer of the band he's in. This sounds stupid, but I see him liking most of the photos she puts on herFacebook page. I've also realised her facial features kind of look like me too.

I asked him if he likes someone so soon and he told me to stop asking stupid questions and said 'who says I like someone?' Out of pure defense, I told him I would confront her myself if he was unwilling to answer any of my questions and he got defensive telling me if I did, he would block me from everything because he didn't want his ex to be asking his friends paranoid questions.

I know what I've stated may make me phsyco, but I've been told more likely than most, my gut instinct is always right. If so, do you think the rebound relationship would work between them, considering they live near one another?

I'm not over our relationship and as stupid as you may think I sound, I want us to get back together.


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  • To want or not to want, tell me all about it. An undecided heart for what you feel for is the worst, a mind can be made up. Anyway, don't be disturbed by it, it's normal in that case of mr. lover that he prefers to reboun and ofcourse by picking a look-a-like because actually he isn't really over you either, but tries to continue like nothing did happen besides a switch of girlfriend ;) not the nicest thing to do, but it tends to happen. This guy seems honest, but rude at the same time, hoping to forget you very very fast and replacing you even faster! I would say that the best thing you could do is just learn from the situation, and once you do you will accept the fact he did so and you will get over it for your own emotional health. Good luck with that.


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  • H e ended it with you because of a Not so close stone's throw, but then ended up with a 'Girl in this area' who he May feel Has more than Meets the eye.
    You Need to stop Asking him Questions that you probably already have surmised with the guy. He will only Back away even More Into the arms of the other.
    Yes, she could be a 'Rebound,' however even though with '3 years between us' and a '2 hour train journey,' it seems he is all enthralled in his own fantasy world of a 'Lead singer' and found that Distance was worth its weight in gold.
    Begin your own Beguine of focusing on you and going slow with any Joe now that you may want one day to make sweet music with. Your EX who still Marks an X in your own softie spot, may live out his dreams for awhile but in the end, like many musicians, comparing the relationship to This... It has a way of becoming washed up and old and just a memory.
    He may discover he doesn't love her and Misses the Kisses with you and the History he shared with you.
    Stand in the background for now, however, don't be a Follower or some groupie that wastes her Precious time on a fine line right now.
    Good luck. xx

    • honestly this was the best advice I've read in awhile. I love your symbolism and play on words!!

    • Thank you so much, @Wondahwoman it's Great GAGERS like yourself, who always Inspire me.:)) xxoo

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  • Why would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who doesn't want to spend the rest of their life with you?


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  • Rebounds are extremely common, and it's possible he could have liked this girl awhile because he spends so much time with her. Distance is very hard, and sometimes when we have someone more available who possess some of the traits we like it can just make more sense to try it out. But because you don't have any concrete evidence they are together, try not to let it consume you (easier said than done I know).

    I can see why he wouldn't want you to contact her regardless if he's seeing her or not, but threatening to block you is a little extreme.. Honestly I'd be having the same thoughts as you. But a similar situation happened with me and an ex before, he tried hiding his current, and I did contact her to get to the bottom of things and it caused nothing but problems. It's not something I recommend. If there's anything going on between them she's not going to be too happy talking to you, and you're going to look like the crazy person in the situation. I remember asking her why would he need to hide her from me, I told her I flat out asked him and he lied, that I didn't care I just wanted the truth, and instead of questioning where she stood with him, she blamed me. She couldn't see that he just wanted to keep the both of us around. They are no longer together, and lo and behold he tried crawling back. I'm glad I said no.

    I know it hurts, and not getting direct answers from your ex hurts even more, but try to put your attention on yourself and other things. You may surprise yourself.

  • He likes her talent.. become a better singer

    • If he does really actually like her and is adamant in perusing a relationship with her, all I can laugh about is how, what if down the road either one of them ends things and they're still in the band together. Wouldn't that be awkward... I thought you weren't supposed to be mixing business with pleasure.

    • Repeat... if you like him... then beat whatever attractive qualities she has... just my suggestion

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