Girls, have you ever told a guy this?

Girls, have you ever told a guy that you were dating that you were moving on and then regretted the decision? Did you try to get back with them or did you just keep moving on?


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  • Usually when someone says their ready to move on , they are. It takes a lot to say those words. Before they are even said , there is a visual created of what you really mean and how it will further affect you (negatively or positively).

    Very rarely does someone break things off and regret their decision.

    Sure you may miss the person but sometimes you're ready for a different phase in life.

    I wouldn't hope on that person changing their mind , there is no guarantee.

  • no. i dont like to look back into the past, even if i was wrong. the whole point of breaking up is to move forward. it would just be something i'd live with.


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