Why all the lies?

A little back story, my ex left me may 12 of this year. We were on and off for 7 years with the longest seperation being only 3 to 4 months so not very long. We also have two children together and he has been a step father to my oldest who will be nine soon.

Anyways is is whole life has been going from relationship to relationship without putting much thought on how much hurt and distruction he has left behind. Since leaving me he just started seeing this girl August 11 and things between them seem to be moving super fast. I problem aim having is a ton of lies he has told me. for instebsts he told me he met a mother of two and that she is rich and hired him as an undercover body guard who needed protection from her ex husband who almost killed her and in the process killed her unborn child, said that as a trust excercise she asked him to go sky diving and if he passed had a new assignment had a job for him body guarding her and her children in Cuba. After that she would pay him 1.5 million dollars or if he didn't take the money he would live a lavish life as her husband. He told his parents she is a widow. The truth is he met her at the park while playing with our children. Before he told me all of this I got weak and professd I still loved him and wanted to try and reconnect and see some counciling to help. I just don't know why all the lies and now apparently she is pregnant which I doubt and if she is I can most certainly say it wouldn't be his. Anyways obviously I'm better off without him just make that clear.


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  • haha, you are right that you are better off without him... under cover body guard, lol where do people get this shit...


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  • That is the most elaborate unnecessary lie I have ever heard in my life. Did you believe him for even a second? Lol, this guy sounds like a crazy I think you're better off without him and finding someone who actually wants a committed relationship and who'll treat you like a princess.

    • I don't trust a word of it lol... I just don't understand why... He could have simply told me I met a girl at the park while with our girls and we like each other...

    • I don't know, there really isn't an explanation. My sister is a habitual liar and says the craziest things sometimes. She once told my siblings she stole my mother's private jet... my mom is dirt poor xD Someone like that can't be trusted. Especially lying about something SO silly lol.

    • It's just so weird,

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