Girls, should I break up with him?

I'm confused and stressed out , will a week ago my boyfriend and his bestfriend were texting and my bfs bestfriend told my boyfriend that i had nice boobs, so i was just was about message my mom from is phone because mine died so then i got mad cuz like why would let his bestfriend say that like about his own girlfriend and i got mad because why wouldn't he get mad if his bestfriend said i had nice boobs? So then i got mad at my boyfriend and i told him why didn't he mad and he said he did but then the next day he was all hanging out with his bestfriend which i got mad so then all of sudden he got mad at his bestfriend for like 2 days and then his bestfriend was calling a whore and i told that to my boyfriend and he said he got mad yesterday he was all hanging out with his like how can u let ur best friend disrespect me like that soo im soo mad and i love him soo much i just need help if i just should break up and his birthday is tomorrow but im just soo mad and we've been dating for 1 year and almost 3 months what should i do/?


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  • Don't break up with him over a stupid reason like that.

  • you should break up.


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