I ruined something very precious to me. It's been 3 months of turmoil and I need to know how to get it back?

My ex broke up with almost 3 months ago. I would start meaningless fights and it ruined our relationship. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of it or remind myself of my mistakes. I have in fact learned from them and have been going to therapy to better myself as it was unhealthy. We went one month no contact and then slowly began to text again. We go to the same school (me getting my masters, him his doctorate). We've spent some time together since coming we wiback to school and things got very emotional and confusing. First he said all he could give right now is friendship. The 2nd time we saw each other he kissed me and said we are slowly dating. I've been very honest about my feelings as has he. We both care very much for each other but he isn't sure he can have a relationship while getting his doctorate based on how busy he is and due to our history he has reservations. I do understand where he is coming from. I am stuggling that he is no longer treating me the way he did before. I'm usually the on to initiate contact but he responds right away. He said things moved to fast, emotions got confusing. If we hang out it's to go do something fun or watch a movie. His time is very limited but with things not as they were originally planned (together at school) I'm struggling. I've never felt like this is my life and don't know who else to talk to.


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  • Timing is everything and it's jsit not here.


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