Please help... should I break this friendship?

I am friends with a girl for last five years, and we became really close with time. I cared her a lot and wanted to be with her for this life. I confessed my love and she rejected me. I was writhing in pain but couldn't end things with her. I still love her and she still comes to me for anything important. But I sometimes feel pity about myself that I still waste a lot of time thinking about her and that I do a lot of things for her going out of my way even when I know that I am just one among her friends. I sometimes feel proud that I can still love her and that I can ONLY love her. Sometimes I feel rejected too. I feel pathetic that I have not let this go and it has drained my heart and soul. Should I just end this friendship? She has not lost anything by rejecting me, loss was all for me, even I have lost myself.


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  • Aww i am so sorry, i can see you are very hurt through your words

    Rejection doesn't mean you are not good enough, it means the person failed to see what you had to offer, or they are not ready to take what you have to offer.

    Personally, i couldn't remain friends with someone i was in love with. It would be far too painful, especially when they do meet someone... i would find it too emotional watching someoene i loved , love someone else.

    It depends on how strong you are as a person. Can you really remain just friends and accept that it will never progress beyond that? If you truly value your friendship and don't want to lose that, then you will have to constanly fight back your feelings and emotions... that will be really hard to do. It'll be a constant fight for you.

    Never lose yourself holding onto someone who doesn't care about losing you, it'll destroy you emotionally. I disagree with your last sentence "She has not lost anything by rejecting me, loss was all for me" ... because she has lost something... she has lost someone who loves her deeply and cares about her, while all you have lost is someone who doesn't love you.

    Sometimes in life you have to accept some people can stay in your heart but not in your life. What will be more painful for you - cutting her out of your life and trying to move on, or remaining friends with her, even though a friendship is all it will be? Whichever is the least painful for you then i would suggest to go with that option.

    It is painful to cut contact with someone you love, but the pain is short term, because holding on is so much more painful than letting go. Good luck xx

    • Haha pretty much what I came to say! Very well said "ANON". Hey dude this right here is what you will have to ask yourself. And determine if you're strong enough to endure what she does.

      I personally was in a similar sitch, and found myself not able to break the friendship, because I cared about her more than my personal pain, and taking the hits that came when she would talk about her other loves.

      I don't know if she's the type to temporarily bestow the honor of boyfriend upon you,(basically everything a boyfriend gets, cuddling, holding hands, kisses, all that). Until you're force to take a backseat until the new real be comes along. This is where real pain occurs :(.

      Hey great advice, person you :)

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    • Thank you 😊

    • You're welcome! 😊

      Thank you for the MHO 🌷💐

      I wish you well, and i hope everythings works out well for you 💛

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  • I experienced the same thing. In fact, it was with a girl, which really confused me, because I had always thought of myself as a straight girl. But I honestly think I did love her, somehow. One text, and I drop everything to be there for her. I waited outside for her for two hours once, only to find out that she went home without telling me, but I was okay with it. I realized be it two hours or forever, I'd willingly wait for her. I guess there are just those people in our lives that we'd love no matter how much rejection we have to go through. She gave me hope, told me she was bi, and I was willing to come out for her. But then one day, she told me she was straight. I told her that I loved her, and suddenly she turned straight. Amazing, eh? But I kept my friendship with her alive, because I realized I'd rather have her as a friend than not have her in my life at all. To this day, I still consider her the one girl I was in love with. I date guys but if you were to ask me if I've ever felt that way towards a girl, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you all about her. And what you said about you losing? I think you're wrong. It hurts now, and that's how you see it. But honey, you didn't lose. You can't simply lose for loving until you burst. I hope that one day, someone will love you the exact same way. Hope you'll feel better.

    • thank you... you helped

    • I'm glad I did :)

  • If it's affecting your well-being, then yes it's best you give your friendship a break.


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