Just broke up with my now ex-boyfriend and I feel terrible. What should I do?

I didn't want to hurt him but I really felt like me and him weren't on the same page. We've only started dating in Late July. We've met in mid-June and we clicked. I'm a college student with lots of aspirations. He works hard but doesn't have the mindset of being ambitious and goal-orientated. He feels a 9-5 job at a restaurant will help him make it through. He doesn't want to go to college, hates school and doesn't have a license. I had to drive him around everywhere. He just seemed too content with his life to not try to make it better and that was a turn-off to me. Aside from that, he was a sweet great guy and since starting school, I knew our relationship wouldn't be the same. I feel he deserves someone who's better than me and me too. I just hate having to live with the idea that I probably really broke his heart. I didn't mean to :-( but I wasn't happy and I couldn't keep pretending that I was.


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  • Next time get to know a guy before you get into a relationship with him

    • That's the thing. He rushed into it and I went along with it because he opened up to me and told me how he's been hurt in the past and I didn't wanna hurt him. I really have a problem with putting my happiness on hold for others.

    • Sounds like he was trying to look for a rebound because you said he rushed into it

    • It sounds as if he was using you to help get over a hurtful past
      I think you did the right thing by dumping him

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