Can ex's get back together?

My ex and I went through a pretty bad break up. we've been broken up for two years and didn't talk much through those two years. maybe once a month, or once every two months he would text me and see how I was doing but that was it, there were no conversations, just hi and bye pretty much. in September last year he got on to his Twitter ( which he hadn't used since early 2013) just because he wanted to talk to me and see how I had been doing. he hasn't been on there since. we were only in contact for maybe two weeks until he said he couldn't be around me because his ex (the girl he left me for also the mother of his 6 month old daughter) was threatening to not let him be in his daughters life when she was born because one of her friends seen us out together. so we didn't speak again until this June. he had randomly remembered my number ( he hadn't remembered it since 2013). we began seeing each other about every other day. about a month into us hanging out again, he let me meet his daughter and expressed how every time he looks at his daughter he wonders how it would've been if it were our child. since then he had began to express how he'd missed me, being around me, and with me. he agreed with me that it feels like things were supposed to fall apart before so we could meet again now when we're both older and matured. when we're together I have his full attention but when we're not together it's as if I have to beg for his attention. I don't understand. at first it seemed like he wanted to try to work things out, now it's like I'm a nuisance. I want to have a talk with him about what is going on between us but I'm not sure if it'll be just a waste of time. I just want someone else's perspective on this because I have thought about it and I do want him back but I don't want to waste my time trying if I'm missing obvious hints that he doesn't feel the same. PS. he and his ex no longer speak, court order, so yeah if that makes any difference.


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  • It sounds like the best thing right now would be to let him sort out his life. He is going through one of the toughest times a person can go through. He needs to get his shit together before he can think about starting a good relationship. I wouldn't tell him that at the moment of coarse, he has enough on his plate. There does seem to be a possibility of a future for you two but that's a ways off.
    Being helpful is nice but please do not forget that this is also a time where a person has to figure themselves out, he is going to have to redefine his entire life in the coming times. That takes adjustment and time. Still though the point of all of this is that I think there is hope, but it will take patience.


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