Why hasn't he deleted the pictures of us? (for those who understand facebook)?

Me and my ex was together for 3 and a half years, we had the most amazing loving relationship, we was engaged, living together and had only just booked our wedding, he also brought my son up for 3 and a half years as his own, he adored my son beyond belief. Due to a few arguements my ex left me, his behavior was completely out of character for him, he became a very nasty person.. After he left he wouldn't have anything to do with me and would only text my Dad over things, he tried to do things he could to spite me which is completely unlike him. He instantly threw himself when we split into loads of other girls and 6 weeks after we split he got a new gilfriend which turned out to be his EX girlfriend from 2007 time, 8 weeks after he had clearly met her child and was having family days out with her and her child and she was putting these pics up on FB, they seemed to move so so fast and I obviously was gutted. When my ex first got with this girl he put a pic so quickly after we split of him and her as his profile picture, clearly to hurt me, noone moves on so quickly. My ex had pictures of me him and my son in his profile pictures and cover photos, the other day I looked and noticed these had gone but the ones in the cover photos haven't of us. So I took this as his new girlfriend has seen them and has made him remove them? A few days later I notice that his new girlfriend has changed her cover photo from the picture if him, her and her child and my ex has also changed his profile pic of him and her to something else. (For those who understand Facebook) When looking through his cover photos I noticed I can now only see a few pics and it says 'see 16 more photos' but I can't see them or the ones of us anyone, this means my ex hasn't deleted the pics of us but set them to 'only me' the privacy setting.. Why hasn't he deleted them? Does this and things seeming like their going wrong with her seem like he's realising the grass isn't always greener?


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  • sorry for that
    he put privacy setting for his pictures " not all pic
    can I ask you a question?
    Is there a difference if he remove images or not?
    sorry but It seems to me you're chasing the past

    • Yeah.. because he clearly wants to still keep them, if he was over me completely he wouldn't care and would delete them all..

    • if the images are viewable for you press " report photo , but if you can't view them u can make a new FB account and add him as friend and accesses to his images and make " report photo about images

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