When you and your boyfriend split and he likes literally every other girl's photos on facebook? Please help, especially guys who may have done this?

And I mean, even girls who wouldn't necessarily be his type. He liked one of his exes photos too... and she cheated on him.

He would never have looked at another girls photos when he was with me. So why, after only weeks, has he went on a liking spree? Surely I wasn't THAT easy to get over :/

we we had a bad break up.


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  • Guys don't wait to move on emotionally before taking action.

    They physically move on first, and let their emotions catch up.

    It works better for most guys.

    • Surely not? Also, none of the girls are quite as pretty as me anyway. So I just don't see the point.

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    • I guess you're right then. But my ex did say he wasn't interested in hooking up... he's thirty and wants to settle. Some of the girls pictures he was liking are mothers... and I think after we split he was only interested in dating a woman with kids already :S weird. I just do not get how hooking up works, don't guys get attached to these women? I would. It's wouldn't help me move on, if anything Id feel guilty.

      Don't get how hooking up with lots of different women helps you guys to move on at all!

    • Hooking up with one woman you like a lot definitely results in guys getting attached.

      Hooking up with a woman they don't like all that much doesn't.

      Hooking up with multiple women insulates against getting attached to one.

      I never did it (the hooking up thing). Not sure if that was wise or not tbh. Leaning to no in some ways, for me, but it really is different in terms of how it impacts men and women.

      Maybe he's not trying to hook up, just flirt and forget. Same idea, just milder.

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  • This may be his way of getting over you. Some guys sit in their rooms playing video games and being on social media, while others hit the weight room or party with their guys. And there are other ways guys get over girls... It just depends on their personality. Maybe he's trying to make you jealous. Don't let it get to you!


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  • You cheated on him? and sorry to say he's over you its weeks after you broke up, my last break up i did the same thing so I just wanted to have sex with other girls to get her out of my mind and have fun

    • No, I didn't cheat on him, I'm not that kinda girl. I'm saying his EX cheated on him, yet, he resorted to liking HER picture.

      Well, that's lame then if that's really how guys try to get over a person they supposedly loved if you ask me.

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  • How long were you two together? And seeing as you're broken up he's well within his right to like whoever's pictures he wants.

    • We were together for a year. I know that... but I would think it would have taken longer than like 3 weeks apart to move on from me.

    • Yeah some guys are weird like that. They think the quickest way to get over someone is to sleep with other people or to do stuff like this. My ex did stuff like this and in the end he was the one that was suffering the most after the break up, whereas I had healthy dealt with all my emotions afterwards so I was happy and moved on. It's just a thing some guys do.

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