Guys, when you say you "still want to be friends"?

During a breakup. Do you mean it when you say that? Or do you just say it to make her feel better, with no real intention of staying in contact?


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  • It is hard to be friends. I think at the beginning we have the best intentions, but later it is better to go on different paths. I usually care for my ex partners, but do not want her in my day to day life.

    Now, if sex was great, another reason to remain friends would be for booty calls. You never know what could happen. Men and women should always have a safe friend for the occasions.

  • I think that also depends on the cause of the break-up. I personally wouldn't want to lose an important relation just because an aspect of our social relation was totally broken or something. But if it's because you've deceived me in an unforgivable way, or you're physically abusive or something or if you do drugs stuff like that, then there's no point in retaining the relation at all at any level...

    But I think most of the time they intend to stay in contact, then they just kinda forget about it because it's tough getting accustomed to the "less" interconnected relation. And exes can be complicated once a new relationship is in place.


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