How to break up with someone you don't want to?

About a bit more than a month ago, I met my boyfriend and we were friends first but inevitably we soon became more than friends and about two weeks ago he asked me to be his girlfriend, now at the time I was confused because I had feelings for someone else still. And it was eating me up, and I felt guilty liking someone else while being in a relationship so my boyfriend and I sorted it out and moved past that, but lately I've realised that I think him and I have moved to quickly because I'm still getting to know him and I don't Think the person he's becoming is really a person I should be with.. We are too different in many ways, and it's becoming an unhealthy relationship where I'm only happy with him when I'm in his presence but away from his presence I have an over welming urge that it needs to end... Bear in mind I'm only 15 and I don't need this unnecessary amount of stress... Like I don't WANT to break up but I have a gut feeling that I should...

What I'm asking is.. Seeing as this is my first ever breakup :/ how do I go about it and how do I cope with the pain after it?


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  • u kinda have to force urself to do it... it'll hurt, but it's the only way. just be nice and consider his feelings.

    also, dont drag it out. do it as quick as u can. kinda like ripping off a bandaid.


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  • Let him know your feelings but keep the break-up speech short and sweet
    You don't have to delve into why unless he ask
    Just let him know that despite some good memories you don't see it working out between you two and let him absorb the news
    Make sure you break-up in a place that has little significance to either of you

    When all is said and done give yourself a few days to be sad. But don't dwell too much on it.

  • You just need to be honest with him and let him know what you want. There's no easy way. As for the pain after, that's going to happen. But it will go away just don't focus too much on it. But I would definitely give myself a few days to be upset

  • you have to distract yourself and give it time.


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