Ex broke up with me 3 months ago, but he's been trying to be friendly to me but then ignores me. Still interested or?

Alright so to start off I'm a senior in high school this year as well as he is and we had been going out for a year and 3 months. Okay then so about 3 months again (june) my ex and I broke up over Facebook (who would have guessed), it was as mutual as it can get I suppose. He started with how difficult it would be next school year to be able to spend time together if both of us were going to get a job, and he was going to deal with marching band, and sports. I understood it was going to be difficult but I was ready to go the extra mile and help him any way I could. So then after talking a few more minutes he started mentioning how he was going into the Marines and he didn't want to have me wait for him, and then that I deserve better. After this I give him the option of us getting through this together and being there for each other, or if he really did think we couldn't do it then it was over. Knowing what type of guy he is I thought that he would choose the first option but that didn't happen, then he says we can get back together once he's done with traing and get married, I ignore that little but and just say okay. So then we said our good byes and we both logged off for the day. Then 2 days later he sends me a message asking how I am, I decide to be polite and treat him like a friend and respond after 3 messages he says he has to go. I don't hear back from him until 3 weeks later and the same thing happens. It's August and were back at school and he's ignoring me. 2 weeks into the school year he's trying to be all buddy and asking me what I've been up to and who I've been hanging with. I answer politely and then the next day he's ignoring me even though all of our classes are right next door to each other, no joke every period except concert band we have that together. So what can I get from his behavior, is he just being nice and making sure I don't hold a grudge or can I take this as he wants to be more again


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  • No he is your ex for a reason right?


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