Have you ever broken up via text?

What happened? Do you think it's wrong or is it actually better in some way?

I may or may not be thinking of doing it. Fill me in.


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  • I did, but it was not my intention to do it that way.

    It was an LDR and I was always the one driving nearly 3 hours every other week because his lisence was suspended. I had been getting bored and decided I wasn't emotionally invested enough to continue.

    I bailed on a meeting; I was just too tired to make the trip. He started hounding me, and I decided I would tell him next time that we wère through. He started asking about my feelings, I tried to tell him to leave it be. He kept going and I decided I didn't feel like driving 3 hours to tell him, so I did it then and there.

    Wasn't one of my prouder moments. Had he left me alone when I asked him too, it wouldn't have gone down like that. He continued to call and text til I had to block him.

    • OK thanks for telling me about it. I'm in a similar situation except it's more like one hour away but still. Do you think I should do it? She just sent me a sort of update on her full of good news so a little bad shouldn't hurt as much?

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    • So for best results, I should tell her about it?
      But what if I still wanted to be friends? Should I tell her then?

    • Yes, a big part of friendship is trust. Don't be surprised if she doesn't jump on the friend wagon right away, though.

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  • He broke up with me on text. It just shows that he's a pussy.

    I see him everyday... he avoids me. 10/10 wussy pussy.

    • I see. So breaking up via text means you're a pussy?

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    • So only break up via text if you just can't meet up?

  • I broke up with both of my more serious relationships via text. Both were because we lived a good distance from each other. The first time it was mutual, but not to break up with each other. The second time, I was totally done with the guy I was dating and couldn't even handle looking at his face another minute so I broke up with him via text. I didn't want to do it that way, but I think it was the best way to do it. We barely communicated and it was his fault (it truly was) and I told him that I needed space and I thought it was best to just cut off contact for right now and he said "ok.", but then the next day he texted me again. I just blocked his number after that and I was done with it. I never wanted to break up with him that way at all, but the whole break up process was just a mess for me. My friends hated him and wanted me to break up with him and I was a total mess and crying every day and just freaking out and my best friend stayed up with me one night and helped me with the break-up text.

    I do believe that in some cases it's better to do it that way, but most cases it should be said face to face. Breaking up through text is a bit cowardly and shouldn't really be done. If you don't see that person very often and it's hard to meet up or you live a long distance, then it might be easier - although it is best to do it though face to face contact like Skype or Oovoo or something instead. If you see them everyday or very often, then you should do it face to face.

  • It's a coward way to end a relationship. Grow a pair and talk to your girlfriend instead!


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