My ex didn't contact me in a month, does that mean he completely got over me and he doesn't think about me anymore?

He doesn't have a new girlfriend.


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  • How about you contact him. Sounds like he always initiates the conversation.

    • He was the one who broke up. I texted him couple of times this month and he was always nice to me and in mood for chat. But then again I was the one who initiated so I it doesn't count. We broke up 5 months ago up until a month ago he would contact me almost every day. And now the silent treatment. I call him yesterday to tell him that I found something that he left at my place (we tried finding it before but it got lost) and I know he needs that. He was happy about it and came over to pick it up, but he was kind of distant and he kept the conversation short.

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  • Means he's moving on, like you should be.


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