Brief relationship with marred man?

For the last few months I've been seeing a married man. We obviously couldn't spend a lot of time together but we texted constantly every day. In the beginning i guess it was fun but our feelings began to develop and we were saying we loved each other and now couldn't be without each other. I've ended it on numerous occasions as it's the right thing to do but he came back and i missed him so much i started it again. I've ended it for good this time but I'm absolutely heartbroken i can't stop thinking about him. I think he got quite annoyed that i kept ending it and has said I've ruined him and he's destroyed. I'm missing him so much I just can't seem to get over it. I'm so hurt but know i did the right thing. How do I get over this
The things we said to each other i just can't forget. The way i was with him I've never been with anyone. I've let my guard down with him now I'm so hurt i just can't cope


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  • Well... you know, dating married men isn't good. I can expect someone to say "slut shaming" in response, but yeah... dating married men is not good. Don't try to rationalize your terrible actions, just don't talk to him again and move on with your life.

    Oh, and yeah, he is horrible too for doing what he is doing. He is obviously a man with low moral fiber. Obviously you two selfish buffoons don't care about how you might be hurting his poor wife.


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  • But not contacting him ever again..
    He was already a ruined man when he met you.
    That's his karma. Your karma is how you behave.


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  • Start dating... unmarried guys for a start... you will move on...


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