Why my ex boyfriend said something to discourage me?

Why did he say something bad.. About me.. And by the way we just broke up.. Does that mean he is feeling down and depressed so he just wants to make me feel bad or?


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  • Exes normally talk shit about one anther to their friends, mutual friends or even to each other. No big deal. Shrug it off and move on.

  • The old saying, exes say bad things about their ex partner to make themselves feel better that is horrible things but it happens it's like a thing they do to build their ego
    i had a former friend talk stuff on me that was not even true all cause she wanted
    me and her to be more than friends, if the timing was good with us it might of happened
    no she had to listen to this other person who made her believe all kinds of lies that
    was not even true so i stopped all communication with her and yes i really loved her
    as a friend and i shed real tears over the loss of our friendship so now i try not to
    get close to female friends cause i been hurt enough,


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