How to forget things?

I made a mistake. A terrible mistake in 2014 8th July. My girl friend ran away from her home by leaving me a message "srry and bye." I was totally broken. I called her bff but she had no idea what happened. Later that night she calls me tells me that she got to kn that she has run from her home. I was crying lk hell. I asked her why did shw left. She told me "2 days ago she told me that she was forced to hv sex with his so called brother (mooh bola bhai)" i had no idea about it and i cried like hell. I was so sad that i need to tell this to my friend. I told her everything i got know. I somehow found her. But after a day of my bday (16 july) she broke up with me because i told my bff about her. She was my first girl friend. I hate myself a lot for this and i am not able to ler it go. It hurts me real badly! Every single day of my life since that day is equal to living in hell. Can anyone please tell me what should i do!


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  • You confided in your friend because you needed help on how to handle this situation. Your ex girlfriend is ashamed and disappointed that you told her secret. However, she should realize that your intentions were not bad.
    There's no going back...
    You can't undo the past.
    I feel you should apologize to her and continue give her space.
    Seeing that 2 months as passed since... I don't know if it's in her to ever forgive you.
    Although you may not like the outcome of the matter , you have no choice but to accept it.

    I don't think you are a bad guy.
    Your intentions for your ex. girlfriend were good.
    If you ever encounter a situation where you need to talk to someone because you're going through a lot, then do so in private.
    Do not tell the other person you shared their secret.

    We are humans and sometimes we need an outside source to guide us in how we deal with things. That is what you were doing and it is understandable.

    • I didn't notice that it was 2014. I mean a year has passed not 2 months.

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  • All you can do is move on if it's unfxable , and try to find someone else to be with , then you won't think it about so much unless work a lot of hours that's another distraction that will keep your mind off of things. We all have things we regret or can't fix and wish we could go back in time to fix them

    • Mann i feel lk i hv ruined 1 life by telling this to someone... she won't trust anyome again not even her bff... and i can not allow someone to trust me because i am afraid that thing will happen again and i won't be able to handle it at all!!

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    • How can a girl forget that she was raped at the age of 13! How can time make her forget that!
      I feel really disgusted saying these things

    • That will take time but something traumatic as that will take longer and she should get therapy even for that and that's what police would have her do if she reports this like she should

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  • Here's a start; Type like a normal human being. Also that was a year ago, get over it.

    • Ikn it's over a year... but she was my first girl friend and i feel lk i hv ruined 1 life... ikn its pathetic that i still try to hold to what there was 1 year ago but there is strong deep feeling which is hard to remove

    • Just get a new one. Throw your past away.

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