He wants a break all tough we are both still in love with each other, what do I do?

Hey, so today my boyfriend kind of broke up with me. We had a long chat about what upsets him and what upsets me and I said but are you still attracted to me he said yes. He said that he still likes me but he said that our relationship hasn't been going so good lately and that I've been complaining of wanting affection but not getting any. He said he wanted to take a break to think about himself and become a better person , but he also said that he still wants to see me and enjoy time with me and he said that eventually I want to be back in a realtionship with you. He said this like 3 times. The thing is he said that he doesn't want to have that nasty breakup like with his ex he doesn't want that kind of breakup where you never see eachother again cause he said he still wants to be everything but not label it as a couple. What do you guys think I should do? We obviously love eachother ( as we said ) and still want the same things just he wants to take a 'break'. I'm confused


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  • Sure, by all means, take a break. Let him know you'll have some room in your schedule for him in 150 years. In the meantime, date other guys.

    • But we still love each other and he calls me babe I'm so confused :(

    • You're confused by what he's saying, but what did he do? He ended the relationship! Actions speak louder than words.

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