My ex left don't tell reason and he blocked me but I wanna he will come back. Do u guys think will he come back and what should I do?

My ex left from me a week ago.
He said "we aren't dating?"and he blocked me. I don't know why he do that.

He jysy said "ik u set up that think. " but I didn't set up anything and I don't know what his mean.

He he was just said "leave me alone I need time. But we are not broke up. Just wait."before say that. And I let him go a month.

I wanna he will come back but also think he already get over me. And founding new girlfriend...

i really wanna get back together again but I can't contact him. What should I do.


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  • It looks like he found someone else or he's probably going through some stuff I don't know maybe with his family or within himself. But it looks like he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you.. Maybe you should just move on.. SORRY I been there too.


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