Should I start talking to my ex-boyfriend, or let him talk first?

The last thing I said to my ex was "happy thanksgiving" and he didn't respond. Should I say anything to him, make another step towards being friends? Or should I interpret this as a sign that he doesn't want to talk, or be friends? I wish I knew what he was thinking...because I still talk to his friends sometimes, but they don't give any hint of anything. I still have mild feelings for him, but we broke up in September and I feel like I've moved on and made a lot of progress since then.


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  • Hmm usually I'd take it as a sign that he's not really interested in being friends right now or it could be that he does still have feelings for you also but doesn't want to act on them and wants to get rid of them by not contacting you. Out of sight, out of mind.

    It's good that you're progressing and not wasting any time on a dead relationship but since you still have some sort of feelings towards him, I think you should wait it out until you're feelings are completely non-existent. Friendship is possible with an ex but you got to be patient and let him come to you now. Doesn't matter if he does decide to talk to you or not, you moved on and that's worth a lot.

    • Thank you. I've noticed recently that I really haven't thought about him much at all, and that's helped a lot. I just really miss the relationship part of it I guess? The weird thing is now that's it's been a couple of months a couple of his friends are starting to chat me up...I'm pretty sure they're just being friendly but who knows. I don't want to relive the past but I feel like him and I gave up way too easily and may have been able to work things out.

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  • I think he's moved on. stop thinking about the ex so much. he's not reciprocating anything. it only takes ten calories to just type in "happy thanks giving" on his phone and he didn't do it. just ignore him. that's what I'd do.

  • i have this problem aswell sometimes, and I've got to the point now .. where its down to him, whether or not he's interested in speaking and making the effort. you should let him have the responsibility to talk to you now, well this is what I have done anyway :) also, if your moving on slightly as it is, then the thing that will bug you and stop that getting even better is if you do carry on speaking and he ignores you? it hurt me to stop bothering with my ex boyfriend, but now I feel like I'm a stronger person for doing it. it shows whether or not he's prepared to let you go or not. X


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