Help with my ex?

My boyfriend lied to me about everything!
we used to live in the same neighborhood but he moved to another city for the college about 5 years ago (2months after our relationship started) and we only can meet in holidays, but we used to text each other all the time and he keep saying that he loves me so much and when he finish studying we will move in together and get married, he always say things like this! Lately I found out that he was texting another girl (she lives in the neighborhood that I live in) I thought they were just friends, because he didn't tell me about her, yesterday he texted me "we need to talk" I said okay then he sent me this " you've always been there for me, and I'm so grateful for all what you did, but there's someone else and we need to break up, I'm sorry if this hurts you..."etc blah blah blah
And 2 hours ago he said that he'll marry me! WTF HE'S DOING TO ME! Like he kept me all those years just because he was bored, he should've told me that we can't be together 5yrs ago! But he lied to me that I'm his girlfriend and I'm the one! And because he gave me his twitter password a long time ago *he probably forgot that* I logged in yesterday right after we broke up and I saw the same girl from my neighborhood chatting with him on dm, one of the messages was 1month ago and he was flirting with her, just like he flirted with me
That day, and he still send her love messages right after he broke up with me! he fuckin lied to me about everything because in his broke up massage he said that he didn't feel happy with you since we met! I feel sorry about myself, I was so fucking honest with him, I thought he was different!
After we broke up I deleted my account "I have another one" then he came to my 2nd account and said " I need to talk to you about everything " then I said go away and I blocked him, now he's trying to talk to me but I don't wanna talk to him bc there's nothing to talk about! I hated him so much, I just wanna hurt him just like he did!
What do you think I should do?


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  • That is a really tough one but I have been in that almost, exact situation. And truthfully if you have seen his true colors like that then just leave him be because that won't change. If you want to let him explain to you for closure or something that is fine but after how he has lied and hurt you would more lies make it feel better?

    You should focus on healing yourself and rediscovering life without him. You seem better off. I hope that helps


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