I think it's time to break up after a long distance relationship? How do you know its over in a long distance relationship?

We've been dating for 5 years. 3 together 2 apart. And we just seen each other the last weekend in August in my State. Which he has family in my State and a city over. When he came in, he so desperately made it about "me" meeting family... So I drove to him (had a wonderful time) but I expressed that the visit wasn't about us before he arrived. So I kept saying ( my girls are starting college THAT WEEK and I have to be there) and I worked the Weekends, he knows this... He arrived Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I seen him and his family on Friday. But there was no sexually togetherness. I felt wrong time wrong place... even tho we had the open woods (fourwheeling) I just couldn't. So now I think he and I both are showing signs of sexual frustration. And I have now deactivate my social networking and deleted most of the out of state friends.. he seems moody, and the last straw ( texting) and talking about our football team. Needless to say, I told him, I won't be talking to him about our team (because he can't handle hearing the truth about our team) and I like to keep it real, and he likes to stay positive... it just seems stupid, but I think we know we have to go through another year, not seeing each other... Until he can move here. I'm just tired of waiting... so I'm not speaking and he to stubborn to change. (because I'm not a loyal fan) Ugh...


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  • there is a lot moe to this than a football game and sexual frustration... It seems that if you really love each other you find a way to be together. Time I think for both of you to really evaluate where you are and what you do about it.


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