How do I break out of my shell and be sexy?

I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now. When we have sex, I feel like there is no passion. I want to really turn him on and I don't know how.. I guess I am a shy kinda girl. I need new ideas on how to turn him on. Some ideas on how to be really sexy and break out of my shell.

Guys can you help?

And I'm very open minded so don't hold back!


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  • I would say... Try different positions. Go to like a book store and grab a couple of books on sex and try some stuff out! (: if all else fails... Watch porn together and do the samething they do... A little candles, massage oils and a good music will do it for the guy~ hope it helped...


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  • Lots of women have this concern. Much of 'sexy' is just being yourself and being comfortable with yourself and with the human condition. You can never come across as sexy or appealing if you are so self conscious that you cannot relax. From your pictures I see you are a lovely lady. Learn to be comfortable with yourself and don't spend time picking out your personal flaws. Everybody has them and you ladies tend to spend FAR too much time examining and Re-examining your own! So WHAT if you have an extra toe on your left foot!

    Once you get to this point then you can go out and look at sexy clothing and makeup and all that other window dressing... but to be honest, a woman can be just as sexy in granny panties and a flannel shirt and bunny slippers too!

  • Trying different positions, pumping music that gets his adrenaline rushing, you can obviousally go to a seduction store and buy handy things such as massage oil and a sexy outfit. It just depends on the moment, sometimes out of the blue your soo turned on that you make love to the other person with soo much passion. I am actually starting to appreciate the fact that girls are actually putting in the effort to get their boyfriends turned on because traditionally it was the other way around :D. Anyways Best of Luck :)

  • well if that's really you in your pictures then you have no reason to be "shy" lol. just work it girl.

    if you honestly have no idea what you're doing in the bedroom to turn your boyfriend on, watch some porn, might not be very into that type of thing but some videos can be very educational when it comes to being sexual.

    if you open up and show your boyfriend that you really enjoy having sex with him then I'm sure he will also open up and sex will be more passionate. I know if I was with a girl that just laid there and did nothing, or wasn't really into it etcetc I would be extremely turned off and not really enjoy the sex much.


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