Would you want your ex to text you on your birthday?

I haven't heard from him in six months. I've reached out in small ways but no repsonse, and the fact that we didn't end it in an ugly way or a fight or anything makes me really wonder why we're not talking at all. It makes me so sad because he means the world to me and my heart continues to break without him in my life.

What I'm asking is what would you write to your ex (if anything) on their birthday? I need examples - something sweet but not needy/crazy.


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  • Example - "Hey Happy Birthday (Name). Hope you have awesome day. Enjoy it to the max/Eat a slice of cake for me" ----because after 6 months he may have moved on so stay away from that sugary stuff. Just keep it cool and see how he responds then go sweet.


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  • Just say "just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, take care of yourself."

    That's it


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