She left me for another guy?

its quite an interesting story actually. I was seventeen and she was sixteen. We were together for 6 months the relationship was very serious. and when we broke up she said that it was because of her parents. I ignored her for about a few weeks. a month later she has a boyfriend, and she tells me she still wants a relationship with me. I had sex with her twice while she was going out with this guy. I stopped talking to her again for about a month and tell her I'm over her in reality I was not I was just jealous of the other dude. As a result we both said really f***ed up things about each other, but a few days ago she texted me saying she didn't mean anything and that she needed to tell me that. I replied with we can both be hot heads sometimes and then did not let the conversation drag on so I told her I was busy that I would get back to her another time. its been a week and I have no intentions on contacting her but I'm very confused I have feelings for her but I don't know what game she is playing so should I follow my instincts and just give her the boot?


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  • Give her the boot. It doesn't sound like she knows what she wants and you do. She can't decide between you and this other guy so why fight for her. She should have to fight to be with you. Not the other way around.


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