Are we FWB? Is sleeping with a coworker bad?

I like the new guy at work. After exchanging glances he gives me his number. We would talk. He would talk about me coming over for diner or doing couple shit. We talk for a while he invites me over one night then we have sex. After sex we cuddle, kiss and I spend the night. He kisses me goodbye and says"I had fun"

The next day at work he invites me over again. I told him I don't know my moms might say something about me not coming home two nights in a row. He said "Tell her Im your boyfriend. Me and you been on a couple dates and we been talking for a month"
I said she will want to meet you then"
He said "Thats cool. I'll be right there with you as long as we can keep hanging out"
He said "I'll call you later (while looking me up and down) were your hair like this, I like this (down)
I'll give you back your 5 bucks when you come by the crib tonight"

Im confused as fuck. I dont know how I let myself get here. I feel like im digging myself into a bigger hole with no way out. I like him but I dont want to marry him (my friends feel its a waste of time if I can't see myself with him forever) were just having fun. His friend told me he's a "hit it and quit it" kind of guy so I dont wanna get attached but sleeping with him like thats all the way involved.

I dont even know if I want to be in a relationship with him but Im sleeping with him. HELP?


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  • It is an absolutely horrible idea to sleep with a coworker let alone pursue friends with benefits with one.

    First of all, employee relations are not allowed for a reason: if things don't work out, IT'S A MESS. If and usually when things go sour, it tends to disrupt a completely productive, drama-free, positive work environment. One or both of the employees will often make things uncomfortable for their other coworkers by making them feel like they have to choose sides or saying something that makes a coworker outside of the situation think poorly of one of the relationshipers. Breaking off romantic and or sexual connections is already hard enough but then having to be reminded of your heartache when you go to work to earn a living? Disaster.

    Second of all, based on the information you give it sounds like you would be greatly cheapening yourself. He sounds like a hoe (that's the blunt translation for a "hit it and quit it" kind of guy). He sounds like one of those lame guys who uses female affection, female genitals, and female sexual skill as his main hobby, passion, and interest but actually falling for him would suck and be a nightmare. You can do better. You can find a safe space to vulnerably develop a crush PLUS sexual benefits.

    I recommend ending this now and holding out for a better guy.

    • thanks for MHO :) How did everything turn out?

    • I transfer to another store. I was ready for a change anyway

    • That's awesome! Sounds like it all worked out!

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  • I am currently sleeping with my coworker. The first time was super awkward the next day at work.

    We're both bartenders. I'm only doing it to pay for university. He is the bar manager. After a long night of drinking together, i actually suggested it- and honestly i'm glad i did.

    Now, everything is totally normal between us- we've been sleeping together for about 4 months and have known each other for 9.

    The only problem with it is that people do talk- and pretty much everyone who has been there a long time knows. But it's ok. we're friends at work and outside of work, and the sex has become absolutely phenomenal.

  • not a good idea!


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