I don't know what to do now?

Me and this guy have been talking since June. He first told me he's always liked me but was shy to talk to me, i think he had a girlfriend then or was at least talking to a girl but when i asked if he had a girlfriend he said no. We had art class together and we do again. Long story short he broke up with his girlfriend a few days prior before texting me because he needed to clear or his head or something. I have really bad trust issues and i looked at it as us just being friends. We waited until my birthday to hangout for the first time and we spent most of that week together. he's a sweetheart, one day i was crying and he wiped my tears away and held me and stayed with me. He always showed me that he cared and loved me nomatter what... even his mom told me that he's in love and gone. Now , we're on a break because he said he rushed me into a relationship and we need to learn each other more first before we get back together and he wants to be friends still. I agreed because we really do need to learn each other but i feel like i hurt him because i said yes knowing i wasn't ready for a relationship even though he told me to take all the time i needed. My only concern was his ex and he told me he doesn't like her anymore but i know she likes him. Im a very shy and guarded girl, i know he loves me and as much as i try to fight it, i love him too. what should i do? we have a class together and we haven't talked since Friday night i think. i know its not over between us but i still feel bad.


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  • Keep in contact with him and do what he said: learn each other. Just don't let this opportunity go. And don't worry about his ex, if he doesn't like her anymore you have nothing to worry about.


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