Should I tell him how I feel? :( ?

I am going to make this short. We broke up 2 1/2 months ago (him broke up with me) because of fights. We started hanging out again and things developed more than just friends (him laying with me, holding me, kissing me). After he kissed me I didn't hear from him for a week. He said he was busy with his doctorate and he thought we were slowly dating. We talked things out and he said things moved too fast too soon and emotions got confusing. I was happy with the way things unraveled before because it felt more natural than making ourselves take a step back. I want to go talk to him but do NOT want to push him away by wanting to talk?


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  • Keep him arms length darling. This guy is uncertain of what he wants. Therefore you should look into two options - healing from the breakup (that means being alone) or dating other people until he can figure it out. When things head down this path soon after a breakup it is not a good sign. You need clean time apart to figure out what each person needs then reconsider dating. Have you considered the fact that you wouldn't be pushing him away but healing yourself. It seems like you're way more considerate of him than yourself right now. Sometimes you have to lose to gain. Let him miss you and see you're also thinking about yourself.


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  • Look... you do what you want to do. He knows what he wants to do. He wants to keep you on a string. I would move on.

    • A string? He told me he took a step back because things got confusing and he doesn't want to mislead me?

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    • What would be something to say to him?

    • Perhaps you simply tell him that you know he is busy, but he either needs to find room for you OR you need to move on. You can say it in a nice way, you just tell him that you know he is in a place that is different than yours, but you need to know what direction you need to take for you.

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  • you should tell him!


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