this is pretty much on cheating. for women because there plenty for the men:

and how a woman cheats and always seems have an excuse for why and has all these reasons. men cheat as well, we all know this. wait I should say SUM men and women cheat excuse me, my apologies. but any way, you ask a guy why he cheated and he just look at you with a blank stare because there is no reason, he just a fiend has one thing on his mind or whatever. but you ask a woman and she got a list,

such as, he doesn't make me feel like a woman, he doesn't please me, or can't satisfy in bed or we don't have sex as much anymore,i was lonely and the all famous he wasn't there for me.

so please some one tell me, are these really good enough reasons to cheat? and When you do cheat you go crying to you mom or you best friend, saying things like I love him I don't want to lose him. if so why do it, we all know you sure weren't thinking bout him when you was humping and sucking on your ex or whoever. why not just end the relationship if you are so sad, oh wait, right because you love him. that's a lie because you just stabbed your love in the back.

how can you betray someone and still say you love them then when confronted you try to justify it in an argument, like you actions were forced saying things like(I get a kick outta this one) "you made me do it"

or "this is as much as your fault as it is mine" no one put a gun to your head no one forced you. YOU made the CHOICE to do it, not me. meaning you knew what you were doing. when something isn't right or going the way you think they should go, you look for what's missing with another man meanwhile, as I stated above, still loving the man your betraying. you feel distant from your man so you cheat, how can that possibly bring you closer lol.

so yea can anyone give me an answer to that? and a good one, one that makes sense

oh yea and replies from those who have actually cheated would be appreciated


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  • aha I'm not gona make sense, as I have never cheated on someone.

    I define been cheated on as when your in a relationship with someone, boyfriend and gf.

    anyway in my eyes I think its ridiculous when people cheat like you said be single if you wana screw around.

    I have had males make moves on me whilst they have a gf, they chat me up, sweet talk me to get in my pants me not knowing they have a girlfriend most of the time and then I find out they do.

    Its so pathetic it makes me wana puke when I find out later that they had a partner so disrespectful and it makes me feel like the girl who he used to revenge on his girl.

    I think some people cheat cus they know they can get away with it. with curtain partners of course and they know maybe he/she will forgive them.

    Its low and I know a lot of males think of me as a cheater an that also hurts aswell :(

    i haven't had a serious relationshipbefore an guys tend to think I wouldn't be able to control myself if a guy came my way if I was in a relationship with them!

    I don't know why guys think that of me I guess it all comes down to insecure an trust.

    but there is no excuse if your in a relationship to cheat that's why you are together cus you a serious bout one another and don't wana be with anyone else. be interesting if some cheaters replied to this convo.

    • Yes! good point too I be sure to add tht last part I forgot.

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  • Yay! Someone understands me! I have no answer bcuz I feel that cheating is for cowards! I'm interested in seeing some of these answers

    • Lol I kno right. cheating is for the weak. it might be a while I don't think I left any room for stupid answers lol, I think

  • women cheat for different reasons than men in exactly the ways were different - men are missing physical closeness and women are not being given something emotionally. its never okay but if they regret it then we need to accept that humans make mistakes. also because women place less value on sex than on emotions - she would be more upset if you told a girl you loved her tha if you slept with her. you can love someone and cheat - because you weren’t giving someone else love you were giving someone else sex and there is a big difference. humans are instinctual and faulty. sometimes we fall, but it doesn't mean we can’t stand up again.

  • i cheated one time but we weren't in a serious relationship. I don't really care or feel bad about it, I'm sure I didn't break his heart, he didn't find out about it and he was probably doing the same thing. my reasoning was that he was a jerk, insecure and didn't make me happy. excuses are excuses, it doesn't justify what you did. men usually cheat because of temptation or their d*** got hard, women usually cheat because of emotional fulfillment. neither one is right or any justification, but it is a "why" people do that.

    if I was in love I would communicate why I was unhappy. I wouldn't ever want to hurt someone I loved and who loved me like that. I would rather break up with him before I cheated.


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  • I can't say anything for certain, but I can try. A lot of the excuses you mentioned aren't really reasons for cheating, but reasons that she is the victim. They are things she says to convince herself (and once she's out with them, her girl friends) that what she did was reasonable and should be expected. None of the excuses are "I couldn't help myself" or "I'm just not committed to you", because that would result in her being in the wrong. Instead, it's your fault because "you weren't there for her" and her ex apparently was.

    "Honey, why did you cheat on me with your ex-boyfriend?"

    "Because you weren't there for me."

    "How could I be? Your ex didn't invite me into his bedroom."


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