this is pretty much on cheating. for women because there plenty for the men:

and how a woman cheats and always seems have an excuse for why and has all these reasons. men cheat as well, we all know this. wait I should say SUM men and women cheat excuse me, my apologies. but any way, you ask a guy why he cheated and he just look at you with a blank stare because there is no reason, he just a fiend has one thing on his mind or whatever. but you ask a woman and she got a list,

such as, he doesn't make me feel like a woman, he doesn't please me, or can't satisfy in bed or we don't have sex as much anymore,i was lonely and the all famous he wasn't there for me.

so please some one tell me, are these really good enough reasons to cheat? and When you do cheat you go crying to you mom or you best friend, saying things like I love him I don't want to lose him. if so why do it, we all know you sure weren't thinking bout him when you was humping and sucking on your ex or whoever. why not just end the relationship if you are so sad, oh wait, right because you love him. that's a lie because you just stabbed your love in the back.

how can you betray someone and still say you love them then when confronted you try to justify it in an argument, like you actions were forced saying things like(I get a kick outta this one) "you made me do it"

or "this is as much as your fault as it is mine" no one put a gun to your head no one forced you. YOU made the CHOICE to do it, not me. meaning you knew what you were doing. when something isn't right or going the way you think they should go, you look for what's missing with another man meanwhile, as I stated above, still loving the man your betraying. you feel distant from your man so you cheat, how can that possibly bring you closer lol.

so yea can anyone give me an answer to that? and a good one, one that makes sense
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oh yea and replies from those who have actually cheated would be appreciated
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