Why do my exes stare at me?

I'm in a very happy 2 year relationship with my boyfriend and we plan to marry soon :)
but I've always wondered why my two exes (that dumped me) and this guy that stopped liking me for another girl why do they keep staring at me? I catch them staring at me sometimes when I'm with my boyfriend or when I'm alone... Do they maybe realize that could be them? Because everyone knows my boyfriend and I very well and they know how loving we are... So I don't know and I've caught my ex and that guy eaves dropping on me on the bus... Los seriously what gives? I'd appreciate your opinions and thanks :)


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  • they are not over you

    • thanks for mh

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  • Marriage at 16? Wow boy kids sure grow up fast... :o

    • Haha by marry soon I mean in less then 10 years :) I am engaged but the marriage won't be taking place until 4-7 years :)

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