At 21, Two days into the relationship and I must break it off, Right?

We have nothing in common, he sees the world at a different point of view as mine.
Totally weird guy,
I thought I kinda liked him but not even abit,
I also think he has an obsession on me,

He's too clingy,
Apparently he seems to say that he is completely and utterly in love with me,
I just don't know how to break it off since I don't know what he's reaction will be,

I plan on giving him the silent treatment so that he can just figure it out on his own, that I'm not interested,
I can't see myself with him,

Is this a good way of breaking it off?
Also, being 21, I don't either see myself interacting with some young 22 year old,
I'm I just not into young guys?


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  • Imagine that you were into him and he decided that he wanted to break up. How would you want him to handle it?

    by the way, you're 21 and he's 22 but he's too young for you? So you prefer older men?

    • I think he's too young for me, judging from our conversations,
      I'm so unintreseted, he doesn't even me,

      I do have older friends who are men, and more like in their 40s,
      And I find it easier to converse with them ,

      Also the 22year old is busy worrying about social media, while I would prefer a more laid back kind of guy,
      I would see myself with someone more older,
      Does this mean I prefer older men?
      What's your opinion

    • There's nothing wrong with preferring older men. Admit it, embrace it, go for it!

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  • be honest with him, being silent is causing him stress and pain, break ups are like band aids, rip it off and make it less painful.

    Tell him you thought you were ready for a relationship but you really aren't. That you have too much going on and you hope you can still be friends...


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  • LoL judging from what you wrote, I really don't think you can afford older guys at this point.

    • Please go to particular specifics as to why you think so,
      I wanna hear more

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    • This was so helpful and an eye opener.
      Thank you

    • I'm glad you took it this way. I was afraid you would feel insulted and would resent my answer. Good on you.

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